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Aksara Harriram

Aksara Harriram

Aksara is a multi-disciplinary artist based on Awabakal land who focuses on creating worlds from deep within the mind’s perception of a vibrant world. She aims to portray the world through her lens using technical drawing, scientific illustration, design and the visual arts to create full-bodied experiences. 

By drawing deep from within her cultural background she aims to portray her connection to her heritage by expressing traditional art ideologies and bringing forth a new contemporary spin on a very personal journey. Through her ever evolving and imaginative worlds we are taken on a very personal journey through the discovery of herself in places she’s adapted and thrived in. She has moved from place to place exploring her background culturally, bringing forth ideas of home, belonging and displacement having emigrated to distant lands.

The vibrancy in her work only exposes aspects of a world all blended into one where the void isn’t dark but filled with a colour.

As an avid model making craftswoman with a cup of tea at hand, a pen/cil, any writable surface and a life’s quest to find the perfect apple pie on the planet she will continue to bring forth creative projects!

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