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Arts in Recovery

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Arts in Recovery

Formed in 2010, Arts in Recovery is a non-for-profit organisation that supports creative engagement through the recovery journey and in maintaining mental wellness - offering regular art workshops and providing a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional art activities.

Using art as a tool in a community mental health setting has been found to be beneficial in helping people on their recovery journey and in mental wellbeing. AIR supports a climate of recovery leading to new connections and new friendships in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

"Sometimes a visual communication is a safe way to tell that story. Sometimes it's just a lovely thing to get lost in and forget about your troubles. It can be a really multi-faceted, helpful thing."

AIR collaborates with their arts participants to hold the annual BOUNCEBACK exhibition which gives participants the opportunity to showcase and sell their work in a gallery space; recognise their progress, growth and feel proud and confident in themselves and what they've created.

"Art is an important outlet for people... I guess it's another language. Sometimes what people need to say, they haven't got the words for."

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