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Jacquie Garcia

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Jacquie Garcia

Jacquie Garcia is a ceramic artist who pulls together the idea of functionality and aesthetic appreciation in her work. Predominately working on the pottery wheel, Jacquie creates ceramic pieces that are influenced by her environment and personal experiences. Each piece is lovingly put together and then hand carved to reflect the relationship between the process of making and her surroundings. Ceramics is a very fluid process for Jacquie as an artist and work evolves intuitively over time in the studio.

Jacquie’s work is very much process driven, beginning with an idea and a lump of clay and evolving into a work of art. The ritualistic nature of the wheel soothes and triggers inspiration to create many different forms. Once the forms are made, the decoration through hand carving adds another depth to the piece and works with the glaze to add a textural and visual overall effect. Seeing her work take shape and evolve from beginning to end is an important part of the process as the subtle developments are a result of the daily studio practice.

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