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Janita Ayton

0403  667  295

Janita Ayton

Janita Ayton is a bookbinder who started up in 1991 in Sydney. Over the next 15 years she worked for her-self making photograph albums and handbinding. Ayton started reinventing her craft when previously creating within the Emporium in Newcastle, a former creative hub positioned in the Hunter St mall.

Janita has been inspired by the different kinds of leather you can obtain such as fish, sea snake, eel skin and other leathers, and now creates custom-made works for people using a blend of leathers, papers and cloths.

Janita also predominantly does restoration for books in all state of repairs, using acquired conservation techniques and is also a member of the NSW bookbinder guild.

The Creator Incubator has inspired Janita to look at books as an artform and she continues to experiment and create work in relation to bookbinding.

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