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John Turier

0421  239  896

John Turier

Born in Sydney in 1954, John Turier has been a practising artist for the past 30 something years. He had his first commercial exhibition in 1989 at Coventry Gallery, Sydney. Since then he has had 15 solo exhibitions and shown work in over 80 group exhibitions including NAG, MAC, MRAG, S. H. Ervin Gallery, AGNSW, and MCA as well as regional and commercial galleries interstate and overseas. Turier has also had over 20 Public Art Commissions.

His sculptural work ranges from figurative narratives to minimal abstractions, mechanical/sound works as well as material and form combinations or 2D, 3D paint- ings. Turier is also a musician, songwriter and singer - taking on a range of influences from Americana to folk to funk but mostly heartfelt, hard-earned, blues. Get free access to Turier’s songs on Sound Cloud under his stage name “Johnny Bakerlite.”

“Both my songwriting and fine art practice are about following my nose. Finding inter- esting aesthetic problems is the first quest the second is in finding the best resolve for each of them. It’s finding the right problem first that is then played with, tested through play and then committed to by bringing it fully developed into the world. It’s commit- ting to a relationship with an idea or concept and for the duration of that relationship learning a new process or material or form or cord structure or voicing or whatever that particular work needs. The thrill is in the chase, execution and final resolve.”

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