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Lyndal Campbell

0406 179 210

Lyndal Campbell

Lyndal Campbell hails from Newcastle and after 20 years in Sydney, establishing herself as a painter and running PCL Art Gallery and Framing for 8 years, she is back in her hometown and in the studio developing her art practice and experimenting with oils to create paintings inspired by her immediate environment, imagination and memory in a uniquely naïve and abstract way.

Campbell’s technical skill, draughtsmanship and ability to create harmony from discord are the product of constant and consistent work in the studio. Some paintings take many years to resolve through re-working and re-painting until she feels happy with the results. She works on several paintings at a time, both on canvas and on paper, using her signature rich bold oils.

She has been delighting her audience since her first solo exhibition in 1988 and is represented in private collections around the world and has been selected for many major art prizes including the Sulman Prize, the Waverley Art Prize and the Mosman Art Prize.

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