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Margot Broug

Margot Broug is an artist and poet living in Newcastle NSW, originally from The Netherlands.

Broug is fascinated by life as a fundamentally creative process and how this has its own trajectory in which she takes part. For her, this means cultivating curiosity, acceptance, embodied presence, and a love of beauty to explore experiences and themes of consciousness in all areas of her life.

In her art practice, she plays with this through figurative abstract oil painting and pen drawing.

Margot works without preconceived ideas of how a work will look.

A drawing starts by following the line to go where it wants. The line is akin to the creation of a physical reality in consciousness, and how the figurative and symbolic are emergent in that.

A painting’s created through the layering of textures, colours, perspectives and realities.

Margot Broug

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