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Peter Tilley

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Peter Tilley

After studying Ceramics (1973-75) and receiving a Certificate of Art (1978-79) from Newcastle School of Art and Design I completed a Master of Philosophy (Fine Art) at the University of Newcastle (2008-10), Doctor of Philosophy Fine Art (2015-18) at the same institution. I first exhibited with Brenda May in 1989 and my relationship with the Gallery, May Space, continued until the gallery closed in March 2022.

My sculptural practice has included ritualised ceramic vessels, still-life tableaux, figurative and non figurative works, small to human scale sculptures and wall mounted, mixed media works. These sculptures have formed part of the more than 35 Solo and 80 group exhibitions that I have participated in, including numerous Sculpture by the Sea Bondi and Cottesloe since 2004, SxS Aarhus Denmark 2009 and 2011. Working in small studio spaces throughout my career has determined the size of works I have made, plus I have grown accustomed to, and am comfortable working with objects from very small up to life-sized.

Generally, my sculpture continues the theme of utilising my own experience as the basis for the narrative. I try to achieve a simplicity that is intuitively accepted, yet capable of complex layers of meaning. My inspiration stems from a range of influences, including Egyptian funerary culture, the destructive influence of the coal industry, and a concern for conservation which underpins everything.

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