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Phil McGrath

0423 284 407

Phil McGrath

Philip McGrath is a maker/tinkerer based in Newcastle, NSW. A Lake Macquarie native, Phil has had a lifelong interest in the inner workings of machines and industrial technology – how they work, why they work, and where they might be repurposed in new and unexpected ways. Phil uses recontextualised machine and industrial components to create sprung-posable articulated (or balanced arm) lamps, and lamps that aren't - some things that aren't lamps at all.

Phil considers himself to be a work-in-progress artist and has found The Creator Incubator to be an ideal environment to continue developing his skills, seeking to achieve a greater sophistication in his work, both literally and artistically. Phil is inspired by, and has a great fascination for the machine aesthetic, and aims to broaden his creative endeavours further into the field of automata and kinetic sculpture.

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