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Spike Tickner

Spike Tickner

Spike has a love of drawing. Mostly self-taught, though attending one formative year at Newcastle Art School, he is an aspiring draftsperson and illustrator.

With a healthy passion for sci-fi and fantasy genres, his interests are in imaginative realism and concept design with goals in working within the entertainment industry.

His focus has been in traditional mediums such as pencil, watercolour and ink but is branching into digital illustration techniques.

Separate from design disciplines, Spike engages in a more unbound personal work exploring the human experience and the energy and feeling in drawing, often discovering that one practice has informed the other.

Previously to pursuing art full time he worked in IT and graphic design in Sydney, Wollongong and Hunter areas.

He is fond of photography, DIY projects, electronics, crafts and making of all kinds, and enjoys getting sidetracked by learning new skills (a little too much).

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