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Gilli watta

Gilli watta
Renae Lamb, Midnight Dreaming

13 July 2024

13 July 2024


13 July 2024 at 3:00:00 am

For NAIDOC Week we celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with Gilli watta an afternoon event of art, weaving and dance, by Renae Lamb, the multi-talented powerhouse behind Midnight Dreaming Studio and Label.

Gilli watta is a word used from the local Worimi language in Gathang meaning sparking the flame. For Aboriginal women this symbolises a significant practice of lighting the flame within our mind, body and soul, a term often used when the light within us is lit and when we are pregnant it means our fire is already lit inside us.

Lighting the spark of flame, of fire, is a significant part of our life practices - once the fire is lit it is our role and duty to protect and keep the fire burning for our continued growth and success through life. This is why as the keeper of the fire you see women with their Coolamons smoking the baby’s as its part of our cultural practices for our body and soul to connect to Mother country.

I’m showcasing this NAIDOC event Gilli watta as a proud Wiradjuri and Wongaibon woman and mother of three very proud Worimi, Wiradjuri and Wongaibon children that know the significance and importance of cultural building for their community. As this is my first time in The Creator Incubator I wanted to introduce you all to lighting the Gilli watta. This flame will be nurtured to keep the fire burning until this time next year to show growth and the significance of our cultural integrity and practice of the longest living practices in the world, that I celebrate that with you all today. On this land Never seeded and forever stolen. Always was always will be Aboriginal Land.

– Renae Lamb

WHEN: Saturday 13 July, 1 pm - 5 pm

1:00 - 2:30 | Free Weaving Workshop (max 30 people)

3:00 | Welcome to Country by Aunty Theresa and special announcement

3:15 - 3:20 | Kids Dance Troupe

Renae Lamb, Midnight Dreaming


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