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Building Bridges

Exhibition image

John Cliff

“The works in Building Bridges build a metaphorical and visual bridge between the two streams my creative life has taken me down. I spent over 25 years spent as an exhibiting ceramicist and more recently have spent nearly 15 years as a photographer/videographer.

The still life photographs combine these two streams with each image having a ceramic work made by me, my mother or by a friend who has figured in my ceramics practice over the years. I love the beauty of flowers and have attempted to match this with the use of colour in the lighting of each photograph. The ceramic works used in each image are on display with the photographs.

There is a small selection of my ceramic works made at different times of my ceramic career included in the exhibition.

The images being shown on the screens are an overview of my photographic and video practice. They reflect prominent themes that I have explored over the last 15 years including portraiture and street photography, ceramics, video interviews with artists and video coverage of arts, music and community events.

I am a firm believer in the fact that we have a vibrant, highly professional and diverse visual and performing arts community here in Newcastle and it has been my pleasure to help document this.”

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