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Jacquie Garcia

“My aim is to evoke an emotional response to the works which will transport the viewer to another place, moment or feeling.”

Earthscapes is an exhibition of paintings and ceramics inspired by the natural environment. Having spent time in the dense bushland of Kangaroo Valley, Glenrock reserve, rainforest areas of Tasmania and the Watigan mountains, these places have directly inspired Jacquie's works. 


Each painting is significant to the artist as a place that contains memories, experiences and feelings of peace and contentment. The light streaming through the canopy and reflecting off the foliage and rocks creates an ambience that the artist strives to capture within her works. All landscapes are different and therefore require a different approach.  


Garcia's ceramic pieces are more of an abstract interpretation to these landscapes. They are an acknowledgement of the small details and life forms within these vast and dense environments and the symbiotic relationships that are contained within our natural world.  


Jacquie Garcia is an artist who uses both clay and paint to create works influenced by her environment and personal experiences. Her ceramic pieces are lovingly put together and then hand carved to reflect the relationship between the process of making and her surroundings. Ceramics is a very fluid process for the artist and work evolves intuitively over time in the studio. The work is very much process driven. The ritualistic nature of the pottery wheel soothes and triggers inspiration to create many different forms. Once made, the hand carved decoration adds another depth to the pieces and works with the glazes to add a textural and visual overall effect. 


Jacquie, with a fine arts degree from the National Art school, is also a painter, who uses the natural environment as a direct influence. She has always found inspiration in dense bushland, rainforests and greenery and aims to capture the spirit that these landscapes evoke within her paintings. 

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