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The Shadows Speak

Exhibition image

Andrew Shillam, Rindi Salomon

A collaborative exhibition by Andrew Shillam and RindiI Salomon.
Celebrating a 25-year artistic journey with their 12th Duo exhibition.

The Shadows Speak symbolises Andrew and Rindi's exploration of the artistic process, giving voice to the unconscious and embracing both personal and collective shadows.

Combining acrylic paintings, ink drawings, and abstract figurative wood sculptures, Andrew’s work explores the enigmatic within the mundane. Vibrant and geometrically harmonious, Rindi’s paintings use colour to address social and personal shadows. The exhibition encompasses themes ranging from colonialism’s legacy to individual and societal well-being.

Amid these shadows, moments of hope and tranquility also find expression in their work. Scenes of people painting, reading at night, and enjoying quiet moments offer respite from life’s complexities.

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