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The T-Shirt Show

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Focused on nurturing and promoting creativity - to engage the local community and provide a space for artistic exploration which serves to be accessible for all.

The annual Newcastle T-Shirt Show features an extensive collection of unique, handmade, and custom-designed shirts crafted by creative community members. With a $5 entry fee and a 30% commission from all sales, the event serves as a fundraiser to support facilities and programs within The Creator Incubator and the community at large. These funds contribute to maintaining a secure and accessible space for the flourishing of creativity, allowing individuals to exhibit their art, learn new things, develop their practice, explore, engage, and experience.

Join us in supporting local creatives and artists, and celebrating the rich tapestry of culture that defines our region. The Newcastle T-Shirt Show is not just an event; it's a testament to the power of community, creativity, and the incredible impact that comes from transforming a simple T-shirt into a canvas of boundless possibilities. Come, be a part of the art, and help us shape a future where creativity knows no bounds. 

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