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The Little Space and The Big Space

offer diversity in exhibition spaces and cater to a variety of creative practices and mediums and exhibiting approaches.


A welcoming space for both emerging and established artists to share their work in a unique environment that is directly connected to the local creative community. At TCI we are focused on nurturing growth and providing phenomenal support for a meaningful experience.  

The Big Space

The Big Space (the name says it all) is a newly renovated  contemporary space, huge in scale, with solid (plywood backed) 4.2m high walls, industrial concrete flooring and an open ceiling with both natural and artificial overhead lighting. It is ideal for large exhibitions of large artworks/installations.


The Big Space has a large accessible roller door and is also available for temporary hire, to hold workshops/events/classes; your next project!

See the Big Space floor plan


The Big Gallery, The Creator Incubator
The Little Space

The Little Gallery Space is a more intimate contemporary art space, sited in Newcastle’s inner west, and serves to showcase the work of resident artists of The Creator Incubator and available to emerging and established contemporary artists to hire for exhibitions under a commercial/ARI hybrid model

The scale and facility of the Little Space with museum quality track lighting and controlled natural light is well suited to small to medium exhibitions ranging from the traditional to video/projection/ installation.

See The Little Space floor plan


The Big Gallery - Long Wall - The Creator Incubator
Shape -17_edited_edited.png
The Big Gallery, The Creator Incubator
The Little Space, The Creator Incubator

High, structually sound walls and ceiling support for hanging. Extensive wall and floor space suitable for various mediums, scale and weight of works.

Customisable walls in The Little Space. Wanting a specific colour for your exhibition? You can paint the walls whichever colour you like (requires being 

painted back to white at end of show).

Quality lighting and track with museum standard light colour/temperature. 

Dimmable, zoom spotlight and wall wash lighting; in the Little Space.

Basic equipment and tools for exhibition – including; hanging wires, hooks, screws, nails, drill, ladder, level, measuring tape, cleaning supplies, etc.  


For workshop and project hire.

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