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Nice to meet you

2 Mar 2023

12 Mar 2023

nice to meet you again and again and again and again - once and for all or forever and back. We will keep meeting and it will be nice.

LOVEDAVID presents an exhibition of new and newer work made during the past 12 months. As the recipient of the 2022 HIC Artist in Residence Award, I have been able to work with and meet so many people, and of diverse creative practices. My world has been opened up and shared amongst many in the last year.

“Nice to meet you”, is a compliment that we usually only say once, upon first interaction. It is a final and definite response to a beginning just lived. It is one of the first things we learn in a new language, it is the moment we remember after time has passed. I like to say Nice to meet you to people I’ve known for years, again and again. We are always meeting, always existing in each other’s worlds. To me, relationships and all their offshoots are the stimuli for these works. Sketches, conversations, memories, predictions and intimacies.

4/3/23, 7:00 am

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