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Giselle Penn has been making and exhibiting in Newcastle since the early 1990s. Her practice began with the hand skills passed onto her by a family of makers and menders.

Giselle completed a bachelor’s degree in art/education, followed by an Honours Year in 1991 at the University of Newcastle. Whilst studying Giselle explored avenues for selling her production-based work of glass bead jewellery, handmade garments and accessories; this included local markets and boutiques. Giselle’s production wares include her lamp-worked glass beads and hand-formed felt wearables and homewares. Parallel to this production-based practice, Giselle enjoys the challenge of engaging in an art practice and working full time as a Technical Officer at the University of Newcastle in the Creative Industries.

Giselle has exhibited locally and interstate - at artist run galleries, regional galleries, in a Polish salt mine, Wieliczka and selected to show in the prestigious Fiberart International, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 2007.

The medium that dominates Penn’s practice is hand-formed wet felt, which she pairs with the varied collected items kept in her studio, to produce small scale assemblages.

Themes in her art practice include fragmented memory, the dissolving of the ego and the potency of the present moment.

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Giselle Penn