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(Introductory level) Australian Tonal Impressionist Method




2 days



Pablo Tapia

Pablo Tapia

About the Workshop

An intensive workshop on the Australian Tonal Impressionist Method Held by local established painter Pablo Tapia. An introductory level for anyone interested in learning this powerful yet simple Australian painting methodology.

This intensive weekend workshop in the Max Meldrum Method will introduce artists and students to the fundamental principles and methodology of the renowned Australian Tonal Impressionist Tradition.

This powerful yet straightforward system allows artists to paint anything they see using a natural and iterative process rather than a prescribed set of arbitrary steps. Students are able to learn the method without requiring complex knowledge like a anatomy or perspective, setting them up to achieve the artistic mastery they have been looking for.

10:00 am - 3:00 pm | 18 - 19 February, 2023 Maximum 6 persons. No previous artistic training required.

For more information and to reserve a spot please contact Pablo Tapia:

Pablo Tapia

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