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Connecting to Place with Eszter Bornemisza




3 days


Timeless Textiles

Timeless Textiles

About the Workshop

During the workshop we will explore our relation to a beloved existing or ideal imaginary place through the ideas of the participants and the material they bring along. Photos, maps, newspaper clippings, textile bits, found items will help to develop layered collages that portray personal relations to the place.

Various techniques will be used to adjust and alter the given material to achieve individual compositions. There will be extensive discussions about the complex process of how to interpret our emotional  connection to a place and how to translate these ideas into the language of fiber art.

3 day workshop 9:30 am - 4:30 pm | 8th - 10th April, 2023

Price includes delicious morning tea and lunch. 

Timeless Textiles

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