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Self Portraits with Anne Kelly




3 days


Timeless Textiles

Timeless Textiles

About the Workshop

Join international artist, author, and tutor Anne Kelly for a three-day course to make a textile collage based on a self-portrait or portrait with a background of your choice. Working from photographs, Anne will show you how to approach images of people and include background images to give your piece context. Using a range of simple but effective techniques from her books, you will be able to make a layered and colourful piece that can be added to and embellished at home.

Anne collects recycled fabric, paper and ephemera using collage, stitch, photographic and print processes to create mixed media textiles, framed and free hanging. Her inspirations are taken from travel and memory and naïve, outsider and folk art. Her heavily embroidered and textural works have been described as ‘small worlds’, with a small scrap or remnant of fabric that can inspire a whole piece. Her first co-written book ‘Connected Cloth’ reflects her project work in the UK and abroad.

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Timeless Textiles

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